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Change and innovation initiatives should be ambitious, but realistic. They should push ideas of what is achievable, without being overwhelming. They should identify current and future state, and outline how (an) organization(s) will move toward it 

Change and innovation initiatives need three other things:

1. A process to guide efforts.

2. Meaningful engagement of stakeholders.

3. Grounding in research and data.

Many organizations are collaborating to encourage change (ongoing and/or radical) and innovation.  

When successful, innovation and change efforts can result in improved or new service delivery models and tools, stronger relationships and connections, and enhanced collective impact. When unsuccessful, however, efforts can pull boards, leaders, managers, staff, and stakeholders in different directions.

Collaborating to achieve change and innovation can be particularly difficult when:

  • Pressures for innovation and change come from different directions or are unclear.
  • Paths forward are not clear.
  • Collaboration involves:
    • multiple organizations and sectors, 
    • experts who have established ways of working, and
    • boards, leaders, and managers who are unfamiliar with how to encourage and support collaboration, change, and innovation. 


This is where CCIG can help.

We work with people who want to "go beyond the plan" to move plans for collaborative change and innovation into action and who want to encourage positive reactions, interactions, and support for collaborative change and innovation. 

At CCIG we support sectors, organizations, and people who want to collaborate to encourage and support change and innovation. Our work is informed by leading- and emerging- knowledge about what works to encourage collaborative change and innovation. We apply a structured process to encourage organizational change drawing on the ACMP Standard (c), emerging research on how to encourage change, and our experience in planning and supporting change. Recognizing the importance of context in change, we customize every project to fit clients' contexts, drawing people together around a common purpose.

Contact us to explore options to work together.