Your organization may be pursuing change for different reasons. To

  • respond to uncertain and dynamic environments,
  • introduce new frameworks, operational and service models,
  • improve organizational effectiveness, performance, or impact, and,
  • a host of other reasons.

You also know that change is notoriously challenging and the claims that change initiatives are associated with low success. That said, you also know that what 'success' means needs to be carefully defined, especially given change initiatives' context-dependent nature, ambiguities, competing perceptions, time-dependent aspects, and measurability challenges.

This is where CCIG can help.

We provide support, training, and coaching to people who know poorly executed change initiatives can pull boards, leaders, managers, staff, and stakeholders in different directions. Our clients are interested in learning how to design and execute change through structured, collaborative, inclusive, and evidence-informed processes that create real benefit and impact. 

We have worked with many kinds of organizations, but we specialize in settings where operational and service delivery approaches are very established - often established, bureaucratic organizations with expert, professional workforce. These organizations require a nuanced approach to change. 

We customize every project to fit clients' context and we draw people together around a common change vision and understanding of impact. Most projects include knowledge sharing-we and our clients believe there is value in sharing what we know about organization and sector change.

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You know where innovation is needed and you have an innovation you want to move forward. But, you may not have thought about how innovation and change are connected. 

Many innovations require end-user (organization and people) change. 

This is where CCIG can help. 

We provide support, training, and coaching to people who want to learn how innovation and change are connected and what this means for their innovations. Our clients are interested in designing, sharing, and introducing innovations through collaborative, inclusive, and evidence-informed processes.

Our specialization is settings where innovation requires changes to and in established, bureaucratic and often professionalized organizations.

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