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Boards, leaders, and managers are facing pressures to innovate, change, improve quality, and achieve impact in environments with increasing demand and limited resources. 

Engaging with pressures for innovation, change, improvement, and impact can pull Boards, leaders, and managers in different directions. Initiatives to encourage innovation, change, improvement, and impact can put leaders and managers at odds with staff, who often are expert in established ways of working and who can resist initiatives that ask them to work differently.

Supporting and encouraging innovation, change, improvement, and impact are difficult, especially when:


  • Pressures are contradictory and paths forward are not clear.
  • Boards, leaders, and managers are unfamiliar with innovation and change.
  • Innovation and change involve changing expert and established ways of working.


This is where CCIG can help. We work with boards, leaders, and managers to help them oversee, encourage and support innovation and change so that efforts to "go beyond the plan".

Our work is evidence-informed and customized to clients' context. Our approach encourages organizational and professional development and is informed by principles of adult learning.

At CCIG we focus on Collaborating, Changing, Innovating, Growing - the pieces that are needed to encourage innovation and change.

We would love to discuss opportunities to work with your organization:

  • To develop and deliver customized training and coaching for Boards, leaders, and managers
  • In extended engagements to support innovation, change, and improvement.