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As understandings of social problems become increasingly sophisticated the limitations of traditional solutions are becoming clearer. Health care and social services organizations are under increasing pressure to change how services are delivered and sometimes are under pressure to implement very different service delivery models. Change - even transformation - is a going concern. 

However, transformation is exceedingly difficult. Although it helps when leaders, managers, and organizational members understand what changes are needed, this understanding is only the first step in a transformation journey.

When transformation involves changing professionals’ work, changing managers’ work, and changing Board governance – which is often the case – transformation journeys will be emergent, messy, and full of unexpected consequences. 

Our Journey Based Approach to Transformational Change

At CCIG we know that change and transformation journeys are emergent and require navigating challenges and unexpected consequences. These journeys can be navigated and steered, but not forcefully directed or managed.

Our approach – navigating, steering, measuring, tracking progress - provides a structured but flexible, adaptable, and responsive approach to organizational transformation and change. We pay attention to the challenges and barriers that arise during these journeys, and we help chart paths around challenges and barriers. We identify where and when resources need to be shifted to and we help develop administrative and governance structures and procedures to support transformations.

Our approach to (navigating, steering, measuring, tracking progress towards) transformational change is practical, focused, hands-on, and evidence based. The approach intertwines planned and emergent action, with these actions building on in-house experience and expertise to ensure that transformation and change journeys are sustainable.