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Beyond helping clients develop, introduce, and sustain change, we develop leaders' and managers' knowledge and skills.

We take an evidence*-informed approach in all our work and we teach our client how to measure change along multiple dimensions including:

  • organization (structure)
  • people (culture)
  • interactions and actions (process)

Why would you want to do this?

  • build capacity around evidence-informed decision making
  • build capacity in your organization around change and how to navigate change processes (how to)
  • increase the likelihood of realizing the benefits of change.

* Evidence includes published research, experience (ours and yours), and findings from project data (qualitative and qualitative). We create opportunities that ensure staff are involved through this process.

We offer engaging and interactive training and coaching for leaders and managers in the areas of:

  • Understanding organizational change
  • Linking innovation & change
  • Distributed leadership: Why and how?
  • Planning, executing, & evaluating change and innovation initiatives
  • Engaging managers & professionals
  • Board development to support change & innovation
  • Applying the ACMP's Standard for Change Management© 

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Our approach is structured but adaptable to context. It encourages action, reflection and learning, and builds capacity within organizations. We become 'insiders' of our clients' organizations and we customize our work to meet clients' needs.

Focus areas:

  • Change Management Planning & Implementation Support
  • Innovation and Change Support
  • Strategic Planning & Operational Reviews
  • Management Training & Coaching
  • Evaluation & Applied Research, Evidence Synthesis
  • Board Development
  • and more ...

We often use Change and Learning Collaboratives© (CLC©) in our change work. CLCs© bring stakeholders together, through a structured process, to learn about and introduce change and innovation in rapid action-cycles. 

CLCs© are a new and promising way to encourage innovation and change in and across organizations.

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