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Jo-Louise and Kathryn have worked together for over 15 years. They bring to CCIG their extensive experience working with governments, boards, leaders, and managers in a diverse set of single and multi-organization strategic and operational initiatives. Jo-Louise and Kathryn's ways of working embody what CCIG is about:

  • Collaborating - working together, engaging with different perspectives, and valuing diversity - is how we work and what we encourage. 
  • Changing - embracing change through reflection, adaptation, and improvement. 
  • Innovating – employing leading, emerging, and promising processes, methods, and tools in our work.

Jo-Louise's work experience and academic credentials position her as a leader in sector and organization change and innovation. She brings expertise in encouraging innovation and change in and across established, bureaucratic, and professionalized settings and sectors.  

Jo-Louise's experience comes from 10+ years working as a consultant, 5+ years working as a senior member of a large health care organization, and 7+ years studying and researching change and innovation in established, often bureaucratic and professionalized settings. Jo-Louise has been responsible for developing, implementing, and measuring the success of strategic change initiatives. She also has studied, designed, and is delivering collaboratives to support innovation and change. 

Jo-Louise earned her Ph.D. (Strategic Management and Organization, 2015) and MBA (Public Administration, 2009) from The University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business. Her Ph.D. research explored how change and innovation can be encouraged in established, professionalized environments and organizations. Her dissertation, Wicked Problems and Professional Work: Disrupting Work in a Mature Field with Incumbent Professions, identified how innovation and change can be encouraged through:

  • collaboration,
  • multi- and single- organization (re)design, and
  • micro- (work) and macro- (system) action.

Jo-Louise's research on innovation and change has been published in the Academy of Management JournalOrganization StudiesLeadershipBusiness & SocietyJournal of Change Management, BMJ Quality & Safety, BMJ Leader and the Academy of Management Conference Proceedings. In 2016, her co-authored paper, Innovation in Professional Practice, was awarded best paper in the Academy of Management Healthcare Management Division, by the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Jo-Louise is a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and is currently completing her Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) designation. She is designing a change course that will be reviewed for ACMP Qualified Education Provider certification. She also teaches change and continues to research innovation and change at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, where she is an Adjunct Assistant Professor.

Kathryn's experience comes from 20 years of consulting engagements with RPA, a firm she founded. After earning her MBA from the University of Saskatoon, with a thesis focused on Recruiting Specialists to Secondary [Health Care] Centres, Kathryn worked with numerous health care and non-profit boards and organizations and with provincial governments in support of strategic and developmental initiatives. She is a certified facilitator able to deal effectively with and engage sophisticated and demanding audiences. Her work has often involved coordinating complex strategic projects within politically sensitive environments where stakeholder engagement is foundational to projects' success. She has a proven ability to provide and support leadership during times of change. Kathryn is a creative problem solver, whose approach to strategic projects is logical, practical, and results in implementable solutions.Type your paragraph here.