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Kathryn York (MBA, B.Comm)

Kathryn has 25 years of change management experience working in Canada and internationally across government and commercial environments.

Kathryn founded RPA-Resource Planning Alliance- and through this consulting firm has worked with healthcare, education, government, nonprofit and for-profit organizations to address strategic and operational challenges. She brings to CCIG a wealth of experience planning and delivering complicated change initiatives in complex, dynamic environments.

Kathryn’s specialty areas of expertise include repairing organizational dysfunction at the governance, strategic and operational levels, identifying and remediating roadblocks to progress, innovation and growth, guiding boards and executive levels in identifying objectives and guiding re-focus to implement change through strong employee engagement and collaboration.

More information is available on Kathryn’s LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-york-b6369a8a) and the CCIG webpage (www.ccigsolutions.com).

Jo-Louise and Kathryn have worked together for over 15 years. They bring to CCIG their extensive experience working with governments, boards, leaders, and managers in a diverse set of single and multi-organization strategic and operational initiatives. Jo-Louise and Kathryn's ways of working embody what CCIG is about:

  • Collaborating - working together, engaging with different perspectives, and valuing diversity - is how we work and what we encourage. 
  • Changing - embracing change through reflection, adaptation, and improvement. 
  • Innovating – employing leading, emerging, and promising processes, methods, and tools in our work.

Jo-Louise Huq

Ph.D. (Strategic Management and Organization)

MBA (Public Administration)

CCMP (Certified Change Management Professional))

Jo-Louise brings 25+ years of practice and research experience to her work. Jo-Louise has worked in, consulted and researched health care, government, and nonprofit organizations; developing a deep and nuanced understanding of how to encourage collaborative change and innovation in these established and often professionalized settings.

Jo-Louise's speciality areas of expertise include:

  • leadership and management training and coaching to support the design and delivery of complex change and innovation initiatives,
  • project and change managementin complex initiatives, using a collaborative approach that encourages evidence and experience informed decision-making and that uses co-design and co-creation methods, 
  • evaluation of complex change and innovation efforts using a multi-method approach informed by principles of developmental evaluation (Quinn Patton, 2010)

Jo-Louise teaches advanced level organizational change and researches innovation and change at the Haskayne School of Business (Assistant Adjunct Professor). Her research is published in top journals including the Journal of Change Management, Academy of Management Journal, Organization Studies, Leadership, Business & Society, Academy of Management Proceedings, BMJ Quality & Safety, and BMJ Leader.

Jo-Louise holds the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMPTM) designation and is a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMPTM). 

More information about Jo-Louise, including links to publications, is available on her LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jo-louise-huq-b5824028/). Her personal blog is at https://ccigsolutionsblog.com.